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Social Media

Stram Law provides companies with expertise and advice on creating, managing, and properly utilizing social media platforms.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile marketing and LinkedIn for example, are changing the ways that businesses market to and communicate with their consumers.  These platforms help businesses dramatically increase their visibility and their customer base while building a loyal community of followers and social authority.

In the last few years, use of these social mediums has sky-rocketed.  But with that surge in usage, comes issues and concerns with privacy and protection of both your company and your company’s clients.  Stram Law can help you determine what is the appropriate approach for you, your practice and/or your company.

Stram Law can assist by providing:

    • Advice regarding privacy and security for social media platforms.  Know risks before making decisions.
    • Help setting up social media accounts.
    • Auditing of pre-existing social media platforms for optimal privacy and security settings.
    • Training for staff to appropriately manage social media platforms.